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Auktion: The Scottsdale Auction
wurde versteigert am: 17. Januar 2019
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From the Private Collection of Skip Ritner 1932 Packard Twin-Six Coupe Roadster Chassis no. 900371 Engine no. 900377

Schätzpreis: 300.000 $ - 400.000 $
Zuschlagspreis:  212.800 $
Los-Nr. 37, Aufrufe: 130

445.5 cid L-Head V-12 Engine Single Stromberg Dual Draft Carburetor 160bhp at 3,600 rpm 3-Speed Manual Transmission 4-Wheel Leaf Spring Suspension, Dual Ratio Rear Axle 4-Wheel Mechanical Drum Brakes *Current ownership for 40 years *One of the best looking cars of its era *Classic Car Club of America Full Classic *Thorough restoration completed in 2006 THE PACKARD TWIN SIX In the automotive market, the marques that suffered the most during the Great Depression were in the luxury car segment that catered entirely to the upper class. Competition became very fierce as luxury brands began dropping prices and offering a wide variety of options just to entice buyers. At the top of the luxury car market was Packard, who introduced some of their greatest classic automobiles during this time. In response to economic downturn and the mounting competition from other marques, Packard introduced their V-12 Twin Six with a classic multi-cylinder large-displacement engine, designed for silent running, longevity and the ability to provide oodles of torque so that gear-shifting was kept to a minimum. Rated at a very respectable 160 bhp, power was sufficient to propel the quality Packard chassis with authority, irrespective of the size of the coachwork mounted on it. While a wide range of elegant custom bodies were offered, coachbuilding was also brought in-house so that Packard could control cost, quality and design. This allowed Packard to increase margins as well as operating efficiency. Nevertheless, many of the designs were still outsourced to such prominent design studios as Dietrich Inc. The V-12 Twin Six was marketed to the few remaining customers of wealth, and continued Packard's tradition of creating large, powerful, stylish and luxurious automobiles. Packard weathered the Great Depression in better form than some other marques because it was in good financial standing and had a good cash position. By the close of the 1930s, Franklin, Marmon, Ruxton, Stutz, Peerless, Duesenberg, Stearns-Knight and Pierce-Arrow had all gone out of business. THE MOTORCAR OFFERED This highly attractive Twin-Six was acquired by the vendor 40 years ago. At the time, the owner possessed a 903 Super Eight Coupe Roadster and this Twin Six that wore five-passenger coachwork at the time. A swap of only the bodywork behind the fire wall was executed. The Twin Six chassis was in fine, highly complete shape and the Super Eight body lined up perfectly with the holes in the chassis. The result was an all Packard made, Twin Six Coupe Roadster – for many the Holy Grail of Twin Six cars. This was how it was done at the factory and common at Packard Dealerships to meet demand and customer needs. The chassis/boy swap was done exactly to Packard standards with advice from Packard owners from around the country that Mr. Ritner knew. A meticulous and thoroughly documented restoration was undertaken and finally completed in 2006. In 2008 the Packard was granted "Full Classic" status by the Classic Car Club of America. The files for this Packard are superb. Photos of both cars prior to swap and extensive photos documenting the comprehensive restoration performed are on hand. The Packard has been used sparingly and meticulously cared for in the years since the restoration. Today the Packard presents very well and the recent restoration looks fresh and authentic. The magnificent looks of this model are on full display. The car is exceptionally well proportioned with all the exquisite details that make a twelve-cylinder Packard so special. From the instrument cluster to the headlights to the engine block, it is fully apparent that Packard was at the top of their game in this period. A beautifully restored example of one of the most desirable factory coachwork cars. A highly usable and great driving classic this is rare chance to acquire one of the most elusive Packard models.

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Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: The Scottsdale Auction
Auktionsdatum: 17.01.2019
Adresse: Bonhams London
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