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Foochow Shanghai Agency Through Foreign

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Foochow Shanghai Agency Through Foreign Post Offices United States 1895 (12 Mar.) envelope to U.S.A. bearing a good strike of the framed "PAID" in carmine-rose overstruck by a light strike of the Agency Foochow c.d.s. code "T" and with U.S. 1890-93 5c. Grant tied by the U.S. Postal Agency Shanghai duplex (23.3) and, on the reverse, faint Shanghai Local Post c.d.s. (15.3), San Francisco (12.4) and Baltimore arrival (18.4) c.d.s.; a fragment of the back corner is missing which does not spoil this important cover. One of only two known covers used during the Sino-Japanese war in the pre-adhesive period with the postage Paid handstamp. Photo provenace: Richard Canman, December 1988

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Titel: The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part II
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