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FLOWN ON GEMINI 9 – Cloth mission emblem, 1966.

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FLOWN ON GEMINI 9 – Cloth mission emblem, 1966. Rare Gemini IX emblem carried by Stafford on his second space flight. The emblem design depicts a Gemini spacecraft prior to docking with an Agena target vehicle as an astronaut performs a spacewalk. The astronaut's tether loops to form the numeral 9, with a large Roman "IX" sewn in the background. The emblem is displayed on a SIGNED letter of provenance by Stafford, in which he recounts mission anecdotes: " The Gemini IX crew emblem displayed below is one that I carried into space during June 3 to 6, 1966. That was after two previous attempts to fly this mission. First, our Agena docking vehicle failed to reach orbit on May 17. Then on June 1, a smaller back-up vehicle known as the ATDA, or Augmented Target Docking Adaptor, was launched into orbit but our Titan rocket had problems. Finally, Gene Cernan and I made it to orbit on June 3 and when we rendezvous with the ATDA, we realized what the problem was from some of the telemetry it was sending to the ground. The big white aerodynamic shield failed to jettison. I radioed to the ground that it looked like an 'Angry Alligator!' Our emblem shows the Roman number IX and a '9' shape in the spacewalk tether. Another objective was for Gene to do a spacewalk. That did not go well either. Gene started his spacewalk to reach a “Buck Rogers” type backpack stored outside the backend of our spacecraft. He struggled to get situated with the backpack then his helmet visor began to fog over. He was blind! I ended the spacewalk and after extreme efforts by both of us, Gene got safely back inside Gemini IX. We still had a lot to learn about spacewalks in 1966.” Cloth emblem, 3.5 by 4 inches. [With:] Color photograph showing the ATDA and a partly opened aerodynamic shield, SIGNED and INSCRIBED by Gene CERNAN, 8 by 10 inches. Archivally matted to 12.75 by 19.5 inches.

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