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Fifty-nine miniature books from REM Miniatures

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Title: Fifty-nine miniature books from REM Miniatures Author: Place: New Britain, CT Publisher: REM Miniatures Date: 1964-2003 Description: Fifty-nine fine miniature books from the press of Robert E. Massmann, including more than half of the publications of the press. No duplicates. Includes, by Massmann except where noted: Bauer, Herman. How the Art of Printing was invented. 1964. Adventures of the Flighty Old Woman. 1966. A Costly Binge. (T.O.Y.S. Volume 1). 1966. Ankenbrand, Frank. Scroll of Birthday Haiku. 1967. Blasphemous Old Prospector. (T.O.Y.S. Volume 2). 1967. Win, Place and Show. 1967. Haiku Broadsides. 1967. Injun Reasoning. (T.O.Y.S. Volume 3). 1967. Col. Crockett in the Parlor. (T.O.Y.S. Volume 4). 1967. Haiku Broadsides, Series II. 1968. Last Will and Testament. "Lollipop Book" on a stick with wooden base. 1968. Moby Dick Meets the Pequod. 1968. Dawson, Ernest. A Visit with Dr. R. 1968. Krepps, Patrice. Violet. 1968. Recognition Dinner in Honor of Gertrude S. Bridge, Educator. 1968. Sherman, E. Helene. Sukie's ABC. Book Edition. 1968. The Book of Esther. Scroll Edition. 1969. Elusive Bon Mots. 1969. Ankenbrand, Frank. A Calendar of Haiku. 1970. Sherman, E. Helene. Sukie's Tiny Teepee. 1970. A Dard Hunter Keepsake. 1971. Alpers, Hugo. Dard Hunter. (Enclosed within the previous book, as issued). 1971. Hunter Dard. Dard Hunter on Papyrus. 1971. Twain, Mark. A Mark Twain Turnover. 1972. Sherman, E. Helene. Tales of the Wayside Inn. 1975. Sherman, E. Helene. Historic Boston, Lexington and Concord. (In slipcase with the previous title, as issued). 1975. Sherman, E. Helene. Tales of the Wayside Inn. Larger edition. 1975. Sherman, E. Helene. Historic Boston, Lexington and Concord. Larger edition. 1975. Pratt, Mildred Claire. Music of Oberon. 1975. REM Magic Nursery Rhymes. 1977. Bibliography of REM Miniatures. 1978. REM Ego Extra. (In slipcase with previous title, as issued). 1978. Consumer Rationing in World War Two. 1979. Bibliomidgets of Achille J. St. Onge. 1979. Tiny Ex Libris Produced by Robert E. Massmann. 1979. Metamorphose. 1980. A Boston Cordial. 1980. Benny's Got the Dominoes. 1981. Bibliography of REM Miniatures, First Supplement. 1982. Der Struwwelpeter. 1982. Ere e Eme. 1983. The Werm Turns. 1983. Burgess, Thornton W. The Million Little Breezes. 1984. BooBoos and Typos. 1985. Warner, Charles Dudley. A Hunting of the Deer. 1985. REM Gospel. [no date] A Recipe for Moon Tea. Small size. 1986. A Recipe for Moon Tea. Large size. 1986. Wheeler, Hannah Robinson. My Parents Grave. 1988. Ye Olde Librarian's Curse. 1989. Max Und Moritz. 1990. Second Roster of Lilliputia Spewed Out by Robert Massmann. 1990. Twain, Mark. The War Prayer. 1991. Malefic Exotica. 1998. Exquisitry of William Lewis Washburn. 1999. The above titles all listed in Bradbury’s Twentieth Century U.S. Miniature Books. Also includes the following titles not listed in Bradbury: Fun With Tortes. [no date, late 1960s] REM Miniatures: 36 Years and Counting. (Published by Robert Bradbury, bound by Massman). 1998. 1901-1999: The Century With Only 99 Years. 2000. Water. 2003. 59 titles, no duplicates. Lot Amendments Condition: Fine. Item number: 282941

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