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Fabricius, Johann Albert (1668-1736) Bibliographia AntiquariaFabricius, Johann Albert (1668-1736) Bibliographia Antiquaria

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Fabricius, Johann Albert (1668-1736) Bibliographia Antiquaria. Hamburg and Leipzig: Liebezeit, 1716. Quarto, second edition, corrected, with additions, engraved frontispiece of the fire at the ancient library of Alexandria, title printed in red and black, ex libris Johann Friedrich Ramsler (1700-1757) illegible ownership annotation on the title, dated 1740, some textual underlinings and at least one marginal note in the same hand, Ramsler's signature, dated 1738, inside back board, bound in half vellum, speckled paper boards, 8 1/4 x 6 1/2 in. Fabricius was an accomplished scholar who made significant contributions to bibliography. A manuscript collector himself, in this work he concerns himself with ancient Hebrew, Greek, Roman, and Christian books. This edition contains subject and author indices.

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