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Auktion: Auktion 17.11.2015
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FABRICIUS, J.A. Bibliographia

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FABRICIUS, J.A. Bibliographia antiquaria, sive introductio in notitiam scriptorum, qui antiquitates Hebraicas, Graecas, Romanas et Christianas scriptis illustraverunt. Accedit Mauricii Senonensis de S. Missæ ritibus Carmen. Hamb./Lpz., Chr. Liebezeit, 1713. (16), 648; (4), 20, 13 pp. W. engr. plate. 4º. Cont. vellum w. overl. sides w. gilt monogram on front side surrounded by a laurel wreath. (A bit browned/foxed in places). The Bibliographia Antiquaria of Johann Albert Fabricius (1668-1736) is the first bibliography of archaeology. Fabricius began his career as the librarian to a private collection in Hamburg, and established his reputation with the Bibliotheca Latina (1697), a summary of all the classical Latin writings, and the monumental Bibliotheca Graeca (1705-28), a similar and more comprehensive survey of surviving classical Greek literature. The present work is perhaps more creative, in that it tackled classical archaeology from a practical, bibliographical point of view, pointing students to the most useful works on the subject. - Besterman I, 465; Graesse II, 543; Brunet II, 1154.

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Titel: Auktion 17.11.2015
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