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FABRICIUS, J.A. Bibliographia

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FABRICIUS, J.A. Bibliographia antiquaria, sive introductio in notitiam scriptorum, qui antiquitates Hebraicas, Graecas, Romanas et Christianas scriptis illustraverunt. Ed. 3a (…) studio et opera P. Schaffshausen. Hamb., J.C. Bohn, 1760. (2), (4 pp. w. Bohn's publ. list), (14), 1039, (116) pp. W. engr. plate. 4º. Cont. h. vellum w. red edges. (Small stamp on ti., slightly browned, else a very fine copy). The Bibliographia Antiquaria of Johann Albert Fabricius (1668-1736) is the first bibliography of archaeology. Fabricius began his career as the librarian to a private collection in Hamburg, and established his reputation with the Bibliotheca Latina (1697), a summary of all the classical Latin writings, and the monumental Bibliotheca Graeca (1705-28), a similar and more comprehensive survey of surviving classical Greek literature. The present work is perhaps more creative, in that it tackled classical archaeology from a practical, bibliographical point of view, pointing students to the most useful works on the subject. - Third, but best edition. Besterman I, 465; Graesse II, 543; Brunet II, 1154.

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