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English School Portrait of Lady Margaret Beaufort Head and shoulders

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English School (18th century) Portrait of Lady Margaret Beaufort Head and shoulders, holding a prayerbook Oil on panel 55cm x 43cm Margaret Beaufort, the mother of Henry VII was the daughter of John Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset and Margaret Beauchamp, and was born at Bletsoe Castle in 1443. Her father was the son of John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset, himself the illegitimate son of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, through his liason with Katherine Swynford, who later became his third wife, their children then being legitimated, but their descendants barred from the throne. Margaret's royal descent derived through John of Gaunt, who was the fourth son of Edward III Her father, the Duke of Somerset, died when she was one year old, and Margaret was appointed the ward of William de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk. At age of seven and one of the richest heiresses in England, she was married to her guardian's son, John De La Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk, a union which was later dissolved. In 1455, Henry VI married Margaret, then aged twelve, to his maternal half-brother, Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond who was the illegitimate child of Henry's mother, Katherine of Valois (the widow of Henry V) and Owen Tudor, her Welsh Clerk of the Wardrobe. Edmund was captured by Yorkists and imprisoned at Carmarthen Castle, where he contracted the plague and died. Margaret gave birth at the age of thirteen to his posthumus son, Henry Tudor, at Pembroke Castle in 1457. Margaret was married for a third time to Sir Henry Stafford, and fourthly at the age of 40 to Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby, whose support was a decisive factor in her son's victory at The Battle of Bosworth Field by which he acquired England's throne. During the reign of her son, Lady Margaret was referred to as 'My Lady the King's mother', an extremely pious woman who is best remembered as a generous patron of learning and philanthropy, who founded Christ's College, Cambridge and patronised the publishers William Caxton and Wynkyn de Worde. Henry VII died on 21st April, 1509. Lady Margaret survived her son, dying on June 29, 1509.

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