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Auktion: Exploration and Travel
wurde versteigert am: 25. September 2008
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EMIN PASHA (EDUARD SCHNITZER, 1840-1892) Autograph letter signed ('Dr Emin') to Sir Samuel Baker, Bagamoyo, 1 April 1890, thanking him for his good wishes, acknowledging Baker's explorations ('I had the privilege of following your tracks through comparatively remote countries, Latonka (?) for example'), mentioning memories of Baker retained among the local inhabitants, and regretting that he will not be able to visit him in England, even though 'I was accustomed to look to England as my adopted home', 2 pages, 8vo , bifolium (pin holes); with letters to Baker by Horatio Herbert Kitchener [later Earl Kitchener of Khartoum], Cairo, 22 November 1889 ('I knew you would feel keenly the loss of the Equator ... I am afraid Emin allowed discipline to get very slack amongst his troops & a sort of mutiny was the precursor of the Mahdist invasion ... Stanley will deserve a grand reception on his return the difficulties he has gone through must have been enormous') and the explorer and biographer of Gordon Charles Chaille-Long (three, 1892-3, referring to his own discoveries, to 'Emin the unfaithful Pasha' and to Henry Morton Stanley); and two letters by Baker to the Revd R.H. Barnes, 9 and 16 July 1884, suggesting the possibility of an expedition to save Gordon via Abyssinia, and complaining at the attitude of the Government ('The apathy of the British Govt has encouraged the spread of the insurrection to an extent that has ensured contempt for our power, thus all tribes of Soudan Arabs are against the Govt'). Provenance : the Spiro Family Collection. (7)

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Titel: Exploration and Travel
Auktionsdatum: 25.09.2008
Adresse: Christie's
25 September 2008, London, King Street