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Elizabeth Bacon Custer's Hand Mirror

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Los-Nr. 2080, Aufrufe: 11

Elizabeth Bacon Custer's Hand Mirror, Hairbrush and Powder Brush. 1) Ring-handled mirror, about 5 inches in diameter, ivory colored celluloid, with the initials "E. B. C". 2) Hairbrush, 8" long, ivory colored celluloid, with the initials "E. B. C". 3) Powder brush, 6", ivory colored celluloid. Two felt carrying pouches are included; one has the word "Custer" written in pen. Elizabeth "Libbie" Bacon (1842-1933) met George Armstrong Custer in 1862. He instantly fell deeply in love with her, but her wealthy and influential father disapproved of the match. Custer's Civil War heroics won him a promotion to the rank of Brevet brigadier general, and also won the approval of Judge Bacon. Elizabeth and George were married in 1864, and throughout the remainder of his military career, "Libbie" followed him almost everywhere she could. After her husband's died in the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Libbie worked tirelessly to defend her husband's reputation. She wrote three very popular books - (1885), Tenting on the Plains (1887), and Following the Guidon (1890). Her efforts were rewarded, and Custer is remembered as one of America's greatest heroes. In August 2012, Spink sold a wonderful consignment of Custer medals, autographs and related items. The provenance of this three-piece set is established by the fact that it comes from the same consignor who gave us the August 2012 material. This is a museum-worthy grouping that makes the image of Elizabeth Bacon Custer come alive.

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Titel: The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale at NY INC, Grand Hyatt
Auktionsdatum: 14.01.2018
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