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EARTH RISE – Apollo 8 crew. Four photographs. 1968.

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EARTH RISE – Apollo 8 crew. Four photographs. 1968. Vintage photographs of the Earth and the Moon as seen by the first lunar voyagers, including “Earth Rise.” These photographs were taken by the Apollo 8 crew, the first to orbit the moon, and include the profoundly important view of “Earth Rise,” as the Earth moved above the Moon’s horizon during Christmas Eve, 1968. Four vintage color photographs, 8 by 10 inches, full-frame Hasselblad photographs, images 7.25 inches square. Each has red NASA identification numbers at upper left corners. “A Kodak Paper” stamps on versos. More details on this lot: The photographs are NASA AS8-16-2581 of the Earth from orbit showing the Bahama Islands, Florida and the eastern United States with swirling white clouds in the North Atlantic Ocean. NASA AS8-16-2588 taken a few hours after the Translunar Injection (TLI) burn to head toward the Moon. Both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are visible, most prominently the west coast of Africa. Brazil is partially seen under broken clouds at the bottom center. The full circular sphere of the Earth is slowly emerging as the Apollo 8 crew moves away toward the Moon. NASA-14-2390 showing the Earth rising along the lunar horizon while the Apollo 8 crew is in lunar orbit. This is part of a sequence of images never before seen by Man as the Earth moves above the Moon’s horizon during Christmas Eve 1968. NASA-14-2506 showing a near full lunar sphere just after the TransEarth Injection engine burn to bring the crew back to Earth on Christmas Day 1968. Several lunar far side features are visible including the large dark crater Tsiolkovsky.

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Titel: One Giant Leap: Celebrating Space Exploration 50 Years after Apollo 11
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