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Auktion: August Americana Auction
wurde versteigert am: 12. August 2018
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Early Cotton, Wool, and Silk Mosaic Quilt Early Cotton, Wool, and Silk Mosaic Quilt

Schätzpreis: 400 $ - 600 $
Zuschlagspreis:  800 $
Los-Nr. 822 822, Aufrufe: 15

Early Cotton, Wool, and Silk Mosaic Quilt, maker thought to be Catherine Schlichter Brake (1794-1857), Letterkenny Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, c. 1825-50, worked in hexagons and hexagonal designs, with black print border, 85 x 76 in. Provenance: Descended in the family of the maker. Note: According to information provided by the consignor, the backing fabric dates to about 1850 and is of later origin than the quilt top, and the binding is commercially made wool tape.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Skinner
Titel: August Americana Auction
Auktionsdatum: 12.08.2018
Adresse: Skinner
Park Plaza 63
02116 Boston, MA
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