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Dorothea Lange, To a Cabin in jacket

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127 pp. (Oblong 4to) linen, jacket. First Edition. "Before her death in 1964 photographer Dorothea Lange had been planning to make what she called "a little book" about a cabin in California. The cabin was to be a focus for her because it had for so long figured centrally in her life and in the lives of her husband, her children, and her grandchildren. It was to this cabin that Dorothea Lange and Paul Taylor took their grandchildren and introduced them to the possibilities of a free, unscheduled, and simple way of being near the earth and sea and sky. The record of this experience was to form the theme of her book." - publisher. Dorothea Lange was one of the most renowned American photographers of the 20th century, From her classic work in the Farm Security Administration iin the 1930s to her death in 1964, she recorded images that have become archetypal and timeless.

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