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Don Bradman commemorative coin set 2001

Schätzpreis: 50 £ - 70 £
ca. 64 $ - 89 $
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Don Bradman commemorative coin set 2001. Three commemorative coins struck by the Royal Australian Mint and The Perth Mint. Coins are a $AUS 20 bi-metal silver and gold coin of Bradman, head and shoulders wearing an Australian cap, $AUS 5 silver coin depicting Bradman playing a cover drive, $AUS 5 bronze coin of Bradman playing a pull shot. Each coin with the Queen's head to obverse. The uncirculated coins in individual capsules and original green presentation case. A limited edition of 5000 three-coin sets were produced, of which this is number 3479, with certificate of authenticity. VG

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Auktionshaus: Knight's Sporting Auctions
Titel: Cricket, Wisden Cricketers' Almanacks, Football & Sporting Memorabilia
Auktionsdatum: 03.11.2019
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