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[Derrydale Press] — Connett, Eugene V

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[Derrydale Press] — Connett, Eugene V A GROUP OF THREE ORIGINAL TYPE- AND MANUSCRIPTS BY THE FOUNDER OF THE DERRYDALE PRESS. CA. 1922-1935 Original corrected typescript, with printer's typescript and corrected galleys, for Connett's first book, 'Wing Shooting and Angling'. [N.P.]: Ca. 1922. Author's corrected typescript and manuscript, with corrected printer's typescript, corrected carbon, and corrected galley proofs of Wing Shooting and Angling', approximately 387pp. (typed and manuscript material: 11 x 8 1/2 in.; 279 x 216 mm—galleys: 24 x 6 in.; 610 x 152mm). 150pp. typescript, 22pp. manuscript written in pencil, 155pp. printer's typescript, 60pp. galleys; some toning, a few marginal chips. Together in custom quarter morocco slipcase, spine with raised bands in six compartments, gilt lettered, folding chemises. The present archive is wonderfully complete, preserving Connett's emendations and instructions. Provenance: Formerly owned by Mrs. Connett — Original corrected typescript of his angling book 'Any Luck?'. Ca. 1932–33. 164pp. (11 x 81/2 in.; 279 x 216 mm), comprising 151pp. of corrected typescript and 13 pp of extracts from published articles by Connett; some soiling and wear. Half red morocco gilt slipcase and chemise. The typescript of Eugene V. Connett's 'Any Luck?' (published by Windward House in 1933). As this was both the original typescript and the printer's (and proofreader's) copy, it shows some soiling, and each page bears the inconspicuous perforation of the linotyper's hook. An intriguing typescript—or rather typescripts—consisting of drafts of angling articles by Connett (including the memorable "Magic Hours") from 'The Sportsman', 'Field & Stream', 'The Salmon & Trout Magazine ' , and 'The Angler's Club Bulletin', brought together, revised, and with new material added to produce the book. In the case of three chapters, the actual printed articles are used in lieu of typescripts. In one case, two pages of a printed article are not present and have been supplied from photocopies of the magazine's pages; the work is otherwise intact. Connett's original three-page Preface is here, full of homilies concerning the value of hard work, and containing a tribute to the great angler George M. L. La Branche (who contributed the book's introduction); in the published book it was replaced by a perfunctory one-page, impersonal one. Connett corrected extensively, but each page has been numbered sequentially in red, probably by the publisher. — Original Manuscript for 'Notes of a Woodcock Hunter'. [N.P.]: Ca. 1935. 52 pp. (8 1/2 x 11 in.; 216 x 279mm). 40pp. of corrected typescript, 10 pp. of pencil manuscript; some toning, occasional chips to leaves, not affecting text. In original Derrydale Press envelope; envelope split, some toning. Together in quarter red morocco over red cloth covered board slipcase and folding chemise, gilt morocco label to upper board of slipcase. A desirable manuscript, signed by the author , Eugene V. Connett.

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