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DEARN, Thomas Downes Wilmot Sketches in

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DEARN, Thomas Downes Wilmot Sketches in architecture consisting of original designs for public and private buildings. London, John & John Jackson, 4to: [4]-xv-[pp. (heavy foxing at final pages). Later half-spine, marbl. cardb. covers. Second edition of Dearn's work on contemporary architectural innovations and proposed designs. It includes a never executed design for a National Mausoleum for the fallen soldiers and Lord Nelson using a pyramidal structure at Greenwich. Illustrated with aquatint engr. with representations of buildings accompanied by their ground plans. Dearn was student of William Thomas and was employed by the British court where he was involved in various major architectural projects such as the naval obelisque at Portsmouth and the Greenwich Maritime museum . With a dedication to Prince William Henry, Duke of Clarence. Prov. Old libr. stamp.

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Titel: Auction 14.06.2019
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