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Auktion: Rare Books, Maps & Manuscripts
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Dahlberg's classic Suecia antiqua et hodierna

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DAHLBERG, ERIK. Suecia antiqua et hodierna. I-III + Index. About 1660-1718. Oblong folio (410x480 mm). With 13 pages Index at the end. 355 engraved plates (with the extra plate Templum Ulricae Eleonorae, all plates and Index cut to platemark and inset in somewhat later paper (as often), some minor foxing or spotting to margins, some minor marginal repairs). Early 19th century full calf binding, richly gilt boards with ornaments in the corners, partly worn and with bumped corners, one corner somewhat damaged, upper and both inner joints restored, inner dentelles, richly gilt spine in compartments, all edges gilt. Collijn, Sveriges Bibliografi, 1600-talet, col. 197. Berlin Cat. 1, 2256. Gustaf Edvard Klemming, Ur en antecknares samlingar, Uppsala 1880-82, pp. 165-8. Sten G. Lindberg, Swedish Books, 37. During his military service and studies in Germany, Erik Dahlberg (1625­1703) became acquainted with Matthaeus Merian the younger, the publisher of "Theatrum Europaeum" and the "Topographies". On his return to Sweden in 1661, Dahlberg obtained a privilege from the Government to make drawings for a similar publication. The engravings for this work were executed from these drawings by a total of 18 artists except for a few which were based on drawings by David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl and Elias Brenner The project began in 1667, when a number of plates were engraved by Nicolas and Adam Perelle Jean Marot Jean Le Pautre and F. Campion in Paris. Dionysius Padt Brugge engraved 9 plates in Stockholm 1686-87. In 1687 Dahlberg approached another Dutch engraver, Willem Swidde who produced 84 plates together with Erik Reitz and Martin Mytens After Padt Brugge's death, in 1696, he was succeeded by Johannes Van den Aveelen, who came to Stockholm in 1698. He made no less than 144 engravings. Samuel von Blesendorf in Berlin was employed for the portraits, amongst others. Photo.

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