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Auktion: 15 July 2020 - #320 Timed Auction July 15th, 2020
wurde versteigert am: 15. Juli 2020
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Crofton Archive A Collection of

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Crofton Archive A Collection of Architectural Drawings, Maps, Religious Manuscripts, and miscellaneous Estate Papers of the Crofton Family of Inchanappa House, Co. Wicklow, c. 1789 – 1900. The Inchanappa estate, together with lands in counties Cork and Monaghan, belonged in the 18th century to the Earbery family. Mathias Earbery (1734-1779), MP for Lanesborough 1768-76, married Elizabeth Barbara, daughter of Major Henry Crofton, and was father of Christopher Henry Earbery (1764-1818), who died leaving two daughters. The younger, Marcia Anastasia, married the Rev. Henry William Crofton (1795-1862), third son of Sir Hugh Crofton of Mohill, Co. Leitrim, 2nd Bart, who thus acquired the Earbery estates. The couple had no children and after her death Crofton married in 1840 Marianne Amelia Cazalet (died 1847) and thirdly in 1852 Frances, daughter of Robert Westropp of Fort Anne, Co. Cork. The Inchanappa line continued through Henry William’s son by his second wife, Henry Morgan Earbery Crofton (1840-1878), and the latter’s son Henry William George Crofton, a major in the East Surrey Regiment, who was killed in the South African war in 1902. Manuscript Books Folio Volume. Roll book of Inchanappa School for 1837 to 1841. Names 41 pupils, with comments on absences such as “picking potatoes”, “gone to Arklow,” “America” etc. Many blank pages. Folio Volume: Church Education Society for Ireland Report Book. Contains the rolls of Inchanappa School. 2 lists of pupils for 1841. Also numbers present and absent, with daily record of Bible passages read, from 15 Feb 1841 to 4 Feb 1843. The rest blank. Account Book of Rev Mr Crofton, 27 Upper Merrion St., Dublin, for 6 Feb 1835 to 25 June 1841. Contains: (1) accounts of goods sold at Inchanappa (mainly potatoes); (2) accounts of goods sold to workmen; (2) detailed accounts of work done by the blacksmith. Two Commonplace Books of the Rev Henry William Crofton, with religious and other notes, one containing many loose papers. Ten Exercise Books of Rev Henry William Crofton, each containing a Sermon. Scrap Book containing Christmas Cards, Sentimental Prints, etc. Some blank pages. Book titled “Norma”. Contains expense accounts of the yacht “Norma” which was purchased by Henry M. Crofton of Inchanappa from Sir John Barrington for œ525 on 5 March 1869. Continues to 8 Oct 1875. 33 pp, the rest blank. Small Notebook containing Workmen’s Accounts, 1902-1903. Folio Volume. “Army Book 127.” Blank. Miscellaneous Papers Indenture on Vellum dated 29 Oct 1789: lease of a house in Navan from Robert Ormsby of Grove, Co. Roscommon, to Anne, Elizabeth and Margaret Everard of Navan, spinsters. Four Folders of Accounts, Rev. William Henry Crofton in account with James Hunt, with rentals of lands in Co. Cork (Ballyvodane, Lackabane, Goalane, Knockaroorke, Garranredmond, Cork City, Ballingarry). Marked respectively as closed on 1 Sept 1849, 29 July 1850, 12 July 1851, and 28 Jan. 1853. Fair copy of the marriage settlement of Henry William Crofton of Inchanappa, Clerk, with Frances, daughter of the late Robert Westropp of Tinnekilly, 1852. Brief on behalf of the respondent, 17 Dec 1867, in the case of George Smith and his wife Frances (widow of Rev. Henry William Crofton), versus Henry Morgan Earbery Crofton (eldest son and successor of the Rev. H.W. and Frances Crofton), to determine what lands the petitioner was entitled to after his marriage. Rental of the estate of Henry Morgan Earbery Crofton in counties Monaghan and Cork, 1862. Bills, estimates etc for draining, repairs, building works at Inchanappa on the farm, farm buildings, and house: Guy Price, carpenter, James Sheil, architect, 1820-1821. A large quantity of miscellaneous vouchers, bills, receipts, etc., mid-19th century. Architectural Drawings Most of these are for work done at Inchanappa House c 1820 by the Dublin architect James Sheil (c1795-1840). Although so little is known about his life, Sheil was important in his day: he virtually doubled the size

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Titel: 15 July 2020 - #320 Timed Auction July 15th, 2020
Auktionsdatum: 15.07.2020
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