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Auktion: Contemporary & Post-War Art
wurde versteigert am: 16. April 2020
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(Contemporary & Post-War Art, 16th April

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(Contemporary & Post-War Art, 16th April 2020) § HENRY MOORE O.M., C.H (BRITISH 1898-1986) SEATED FIGURE HOLDING A GLASS Lithograph, S/P, from the edition of 50, signed and editioned in pencil to margin, unframed 20cm x 26cm (8in x 10.25in) Biography: Henry Moore is one of the most significant British artists of the 20th century. Initially trained as a teacher, following an injury in WWI, an ex-serviceman’s grant allowed him to study at art school in Leeds, and he later transferred to the Royal College of Art in London. Moore was beginning to gain recognition and success in the 1930s, but this was interrupted by the outbreak of war. He was employed as an official war artist, and created his important series of drawings of people sheltering in the Underground during the Blitz. In 1940, he moved with his wife to a hamlet in Hertfordshire, where he would live for the rest of his life. There was plenty of space, and the surrounding countryside allowed him to explore the engagement between the landscape and the body, his sculptures and nature. Moore achieved international success from the 1950s, and established his foundation in 1977, which continues to promote his work to this day. Best-known for his large-scale semi-abstract sculptures of seated and reclining figures, he was also a very talented draughtsman, with a large output in printmaking, where he explored similar visual themes to his sculptures.

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Auktionshaus: Lyon & Turnbull
Titel: Contemporary & Post-War Art
Auktionsdatum: 16.04.2020
Adresse: Lyon & Turnbull
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