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Conrad, Joseph

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Conrad, Joseph TYPED LETTER SIGNED, WITH AUTOGRAPH CORRECTIONS, TO HAROLD WALDO thanking him for the gift of his novel Stash of the Marsh Country and, although averring that "I am not a critic", providing a critique of its narrative technique (" matter how rapid the action and the swiftness of impressions inherent in the conception of a given piece of fiction, there should be for the fulness of effect (and for depth of truth too) a certain leisureliness of style, something on which the mind (as distinguished from the emotions) of the reader should be able to rest, a sort of solid ground on which he can follow the writer through the changing scenes of the story. Otherwise ... there will be an effect of the story being too much summarised; and as much of its truth lost in the reading as in the perception of a ... landscape is lost when seen through the window of a train moving at the rate of sixty miles an hour..."), 2 pages, 4to, headed stationery of Oswalds, Bishopbourne, Kent, 25 October 1921, strengthened at folds, remains of adhesive tape Harold Waldo was an American novelist. His novel Stash of the Marsh Country followed the progress of a Polish immigrant to Michigan, Stashlav Plazarski, using a "kaleidoscopic" narrative style.

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