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Conrad, Joseph

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Conrad, Joseph TYPED LETTER SIGNED WITH AUTOGRAPH CORRECTIONS AND POSTSCRIPT, TO EDWARD GARNETT explaining his lack of contacts among influential civil servants ("...The one or two I have come into contact with must have carried away the very worst impression possible of my irreverent attitude and my sceptical state of mind...") and discussing in philosophical terms Garnett's recent articles attacking the conduct of the war and his caste of mind ("...The Edward Grey in Paris article is ... mordant, it is witty. But the greater the evidence of your extraordinary gifts in that way I will confess to you, my dearest fellow, the sadder I feel ... with the deepest feeling for the inner tragedy of your existence -- because it is nothing less than that for you and for anybody who understands your temperament (inclined to remorseless analysis) and the exquisite sensitiveness of your mind..."), 3 pages, 4to, Capel House, Orlestone, near Ashford, Kent, 16 May 1918, with a description of the letter cut from an old auction catalogue, stain to first leaf resulting in some ink smudging, weak at folds

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Titel: The Joseph Conrad Collection - Part II, from the Library of the late Stanley J. Seeger
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