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Auktion: Arms & Armour
wurde versteigert am: 7. Dezember 2004
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Comprising: 1) Deluxe grade M1 carbine

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Comprising: 1) Deluxe grade M1 carbine, serial no. 45, .30 caliber. Blued barrel, action and buttplate. Jeweled bolt. Checkered trigger. Barrel with standard Inland markings and dated 6-42. Oil-finished walnut stock showing some burl. With green web sling. 2) M2 cut-away carbine. Not serialized. Green parkerized finish. Barrel with Inland markings and dated 4-43. Action not marked. Entire right side of action and first 5 1/2 inches of barrel cut-away, the latter in two sections. Cut-away portions of the stock and components painted red. Left side of stock with two cut-out ports showing the mechanism. Oil-finished walnut stock. 3) Varnished walnut case lined in green felt and fitted with compartments containing three clips, two blued and one chrome-plated. Brass cleaning rod. 4) Mr. Sampson's files concerning the manufacture of the M1 and other related subjects which includes correspondence and hand-drawn blueprints of various components; requisition slips and receipts for the manufacture of numerous off-site parts; copy of the Twenty-Second Partial Report on Test of Semi-Automatic Rifles And First Report on the Bendix Caliber. 30 Light Rifle Ordnance Program No. 4972, Aberdeen Proving Ground, June 23, 1941, this is the carbine developed by George Hyde for the Bendix Aircraft Corporation and never adopted for use by the government; one copy Ordnance Field Service Technical Bulletin No. 23-7-1 Carbine, Cal. .30, M1; Inland Manufacturing Division/Performance in the Manufacture of United States Carbine Cal.30 M1 & M1A1; a company test report on the M3 submachine gun; several letters from Winchester concerning engineering aspects of the M1; assorted company correspondence including a listing of Inland employees who were given M1 carbines to commemorate their assistance. All in all a very interesting and historic archive outlining the methods and difficulties entailed in the production of the M1 carbine by Inland. It reveals a fascinating story of 'reverse engineering' as Inland was not supplied with any blueprints or specifications but only a prototype gun that had been built by Winchester. Inland had to take the gun down and make blueprints from the parts to gear up their factory for production. Amazingly, Inland apparently made their cost quotes to the government based solely on the dismantled prototype without reference to any plans, a very risky move that speaks highly of the patriotic feelings of the corporation. 5) Also included is a notarized letter of provenance from the present owner, Mr. Sampson's son. Condition: Both guns as new and showing only a few minor marks. Case exterior with numerous scratches. Interior excellent. See Illustration Note: Fredrick W. Sampson worked at Inland Mfg. Division from the 1930s until 1956. He was the Chief Engineer and was the sponsor of the M1 project. He was also integral in the development of the M2 carbine and developed the M3 grease gun with George Hyde.

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Titel: Arms & Armour
Auktionsdatum: 07.12.2004
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