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Collection of Vintage Asterix figures and collectibles

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Description: Collection of Vintage Asterix figures and collectibles, including boxed 1988 hobby products unpainted miniatures of the pirates, 1989 plushies of Asterix and Obelix, 1989 Parc Asterix obelix plushies, 2005 small Asterix plushie and keychain plushie, 2002 parc Asterix magnet, two 1978 dated button pins, 2006 atlas editions box of legionnaire card games, cards still sealed, small lot of Goscinny 2007-2009 dated ceramic miniatures, seven 2007 miniatures and six 2009 50th anniversary miniatures, two 1995 Goscinny parc Asterix rubbers, Obelix two packs of sealed “puffy stickers”, four 1999 plastic could be kinds meal type toys, three boxes of 1998 Plastoy, Three empty boxes of 1980 “play Asterix” sets in good condition, two play Asterix 1980 figures in fair condition, plus large amount approx. 50 + plastoy figures in different ages and conditions, (a lot) Categories: Tv/Film Related Toys

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