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Collection of Books about the History and Geography of Eretz Israel

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Collection of books and periodicals about the history and geography of Eretz Israel. * Yerushalayma! (Hebrew). A book about an expedition to Greece, Asia Minor, Syria and the Holy Land, by Avraham Elazar named Dr. Ludwig August Frankel. Vienna, Freidrich Forster printing press, 1859. * Yerushalayim, (Hebrew) essays, by Avraham Moshe Lunz. Vienna: Georg Brag printing press, 1882. * Lu'ach Eretz Israel (Hebrew), practical and literary, by Avraham Moshe Lunz. Calendar for the years 1895, 1896, 1905, 1911, 1913. * Choveret Divrei Mordechai, (Hebrew), about settling the country and about its history […], Mordechai Diskin. [Frumkin printing Press], Jerusalem, 1889. * Hachayim VeHateva, (Hebrew), Dr. Y.L. Metmann. Published by Nature Society in Eretz Israel, Jaffa, 1909. * Akko,(Hebrew), Monograph by Aharon Ahronson, Hayishuv publishing, Tel-Aviv, 1925. * Yerushalayim, (Hebrew), Israel Exploration Society, in memory of R' Avraham Moshe Lunz, edited by A.L. Sukenik and I. Peres. Published by Darom publishing house, Jerusalem, 1928. * Edut BiYehosef, (Hebrew) expedition to Eretz Israel in the years 1760-1762, by R' Yosef Sofer. Published by Darom, Jerusalem, 1933. * Yerushalayim, (Hebrew), quarterly published by Israel Exploration Society, First year, booklet no. 1, Tishre-Kislev, 1948. Published by Harav Kook Institute and the Jewish Society for Jerusalem, Jerusalem. * Kivrei Avot, (Hebrew), the study of Jewish graves in Eretz Israel, by Dr. Michael Ben Ish Shalom. Published by Harav Kook Institute of World Mizrahi and the Eretz Israeli Institute for Folklore and Ethnology, Jerusalem, 1948. * Religious building of Moslems in Eretz Israel (Hebrew), by L.A. Meir, I. Pinkerfeld, H.Z. Hirsheberg, I.L. Hachohen Mimon. Published by the Committee for Conservation of Religious Moslem Buildings in the Ministry of Religions, Jerusalem, 1950. 15 books and booklets. Size and condition vary.

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