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Auktion: Auction 60 - Jewish and Israeli History and Culture
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Collection of Books about Palestine – Travels and Research

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16 travel and research books about Palestine, accompanied by illustrations, prints, drawings and maps. English, French and Latin. 1. Theatrum Terrae Sanctae Et Biblicarum Historiarum, cum tabulis geographicis aere expressis, by Christian van Adrichem. Cologne: Iodocum Henricum Kramer, 1682. 2. Journey through Arabia Petraea, to Mount Sinai, and the Excavated City of Petra, the Edom of the Prophecies, by M. Léon deLaborde. London: John Murray, 1836. 3. Syria, the Holy Land, Asia Minor, & c, Illustrated, by John Carne. London, Paris and USA: Fisher, Son & Co., 1836. 4. Landscape Illustrations of the Bible, by Thomas Hartwell Horne. London: John Murray, 1836. Two volumes. 5. Three Weeks in Palestine and Lebanon. London: John W. Parker, 1841. 6. Syria and the Holy Land, their Scenery and their People, by Walter Keating Kelly. London: Chapman and Hall, [1844]. 7. Palestine, description géographique, historique, et archéologique, by Salomon Munk. Paris: Firmin Didot Frères, 1845. 8. The Christian in Palestine, by Henry Stebbing. London: George Virtue, [1847]. 9. Visits to Monasteries in the Levant, by Robert Curzon. London: John Murray, 1849. 10. The Land of Promise, or a Topographical Description of the Places in Palestine, by John Kitto. London: The Religious Tract Society, [1851?]. 11. Eight Years in Syria, Palestine and Asia Minor, by F[rederick] A[rthur] Neale. London: Colburn and Co, 1851. Two volumes. 12. El-Khuds, The Holy; or Glimpses in the Orient, by Mason Turner. Philadelphia: Challen & Son, 1861. 13. Jerusalem Explored, being a Description of the Ancient and Modern City, by Ermette Pierotti. London: Bell and Daldy / Cambridge: Deighton Bell and Co., 1864. 14. Southern Palestine and Jerusalem, by William M. Thomson. New-York: Harper & Brothers, 1880. 15. Jerusalem, Its History and Hope, by Mrs. Oliphant. London and New York: Macmillan and Co., 1891. 16. Modern Science in Bible Lands, by William Dawson. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1892. Total of 16 books (18 volumes). Size and condition vary. Good overall condition. Provenance: Collection of Hermann Meyer and his daughter Channah Sapir.

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