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Collection of 19 United States maps, most hand-colored

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Title: Collection of 19 United States maps, most hand-colored Author: ** Place: Various places Publisher: Date: c.1815-1900 Description: With: Duvotenay. Etats-Unis. 7x9. Copper-engraved. c.1815. * Robinson. United States. Hand-colored copper-engraved, folding, from a school atlas. Shows CA & southwest including TX as part of Mexico. Territories of OR, MO & WI part of U.S. Worn. 10x16½. 1828. * Huntington (oc CT). United States. Folding hand-colored copper-engraved, from a School Atlas. 10x16. Splits and small chips to center-fold. 1830. * U.S. territory map, from School Atlas. Hand-colored. 10x16¾. Well-worn, darkened, chipped, torn, etc., tape repairs, etc. Robinson, c.1830. * Geographical & Statistical Map of United States. Hand-colored map. From a Woodbridge School Atlas. With an inset of Northern Division U.S. Texas noted as a "Spanish province" and very large Missouri Territory. 10½x17. 1831. * Map of the United States and Canada…Smith’s Geography for Schools. Copper-engraved, hand-colored. Folding. 10½x17½. Worn. 1839. * Burgess & Co. Map. No.10, United States. Hand-colored (western states), from a school atlas. Edge wear. 10½x8½. 1853. * United States. Lithographed, hand-colored in outline. 10x16. c.1850’s? (shows CA & TX as part of U.S.). * Flemming. Verenigte Staaten von Nord-America. Lithographed, hand-colored. 12x16. 1858. * Vereinigte St. von Nordamerika. 2 steel-engraved maps, hand-colored in outline. Comprises the top and bottom panels of the eastern half of the United States, from a series of four total panels. Both 10x13½. [c.1860’s]. * Sidney Hall. United States. Folding, steel-engraved, hand-colored in outline. 19x14½. [c.1860’s?]. * Map of the Southern States…prepared for Harper’s Pictorial Hist. of the Civil War, Dec. 1863. Wood-engraved, hand-colored. Large folding with engraved birds-eye views on verso. 17¾x27¼. * [Walling & Gray]. Map of the United States & Territories, Philadelphia, 1872. Folding, lithographed, hand-colored. Small chips, center-folding splitting. 15¼x24¾. * Folding linen-backed hand-colored map showing the northeastern U.S. section only (missing remaining portion). 14x17½. No date, 1880’s? * Geo. Philip & Son. United States. Lithographed, hand-colored. 11¾x17¾. 1880’s? * Garnier Bros. Etats Unis. Printed color map. 12¼x16¼. c.1885. * Gray’s New Map of the United States. Hand-colored, folding. 15½x27. 1897. * United States (from Atlas of the World). Color printed. North America map on verso. [Boston: 1900]. Together, 19 maps, most hand-colored. Lot Amendments Condition: Condition varies, mild wear overall. Soiling, some darkening, scattered tears and/or chips, other wear, etc.; a few poor to good, most very good. Sold as is. Item number: 144635

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