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Auktion: Auction 11.12.2014
wurde versteigert am: 11. Dezember 2014
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COL A unique collection of drawings, manuscript papers and an exercise book of original …

Schätzpreis: 70 £ - 100 £
ca. 109 $ - 156 $
Zuschlagspreis:  420 £
ca. 656 $
Los-Nr. 13, Aufrufe: 110

COL A unique collection of drawings, manuscript papers and an exercise book of original songs by outsider artist and musician Gwenydd Powell (b. 1889), purchased from the estate of film critic Dilys Powell and housed in a manila envelope bearing a handwritten note by Ivor Powell Jr: "She was one of my Dad's (Ivor Powell Senior) sisters. I think she may have committed suicide in the early '30s. She was a talented violinist". A clipping from a 1912 Bournemouth Graphic also included here, shows Gwenydd with violin and bow and is accompanied by a caption reading "The talented violiniste, who appears with Mr. Lloyd Powell at the Winter Gardens next week". The lot also comprises seven abstract landscape gouaches and seven 35 x 25.5cm loose sheets featuring pencil drawings of lone figures, each labelled "Drawing for Sculpture". A manuscript (in a painfully precise and often illegible hand) entitled "Notes on the Trial" discusses Gwenydd's landlady, black magic, hypnotism and witchcraft in very sinister tones. Of a more Blakean tone is the manuscript "Angels Waiting To Convey The News of The Resurrection". Viewing recommended. This lot also includes a 59.7 x 41.8cm mixed-media collage by Monica Oeli, comprising fabric, magazine and wrapping paper clippings glued onto white card, signed in pencil on lower margin, c. 1950s. The works shows a portrait of a fashion model or actress with a bonnet made of huge roses and whose body is composed of scraps of cloth and flowers. Some yellowing to paper, two tears to top edge. No information available about this enigmatic artist.

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Auktionshaus: Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions
Titel: Auction 11.12.2014
Auktionsdatum: 11.12.2014
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