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[Civil War] Orders, Books, Correspondence, and More, Including Confederate Imprints

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Cover title: Reports on the Committee on the Conduct of the War. Fort Pillow Massacre. Returned Prisoners. Senate edition, 38th Congress, 1st Session, Rep. Com. No. 63 and 68 bound together. 8vo, green cloth with gilt lettering; 128, 34, viii pp. General Orders, No. 143. Washington, 22 May 1863. Issued by E.D. Townsend, AAG. Regarding organization of Colored Troops. 12mo, 2pp. Sprague, Major J.T. The Treachery in Texas, the Secession of Texas, and the Arrest of the United States Officers and Soldiers Serving in Texas. Read before the New-York Historical Society, June 25, 1861. New York: Printed for the Society by Press of the Rebellion Record, 1862. 8vo, printed paper wraps, pp. 109-142. Group of Reports from the State of Virginia, 1863-1864. All 8vo, disbound. Includes: Document No. VIII (8), Report of the Captain in Charge of the Ordnance Department (K,V, Buchholtz), Nov. 1863, 16pp; Doc. No. XIII (13), Report of the President and Directors of the Central Lunatic Asylum (Fra's. T. Stribling) for the fiscal years ending Sept. 30, 1863, 22 Dec. 1863, 42pp.; Doc. No. XV (15), Reports, Returns and Other Documents, Relative to Joint Stock Companies, Other than Rail Roads. 1862 & 1863. Various authors, 84pp.; Doc. No. XVI (16), Communication Relative to Pardons, Reprieves, etc. December 1863, Letcher, John, 23pp.; Doc. No. XVII (17), Governor's communication Relative to the State Naturalization Laws, &c. &c. &c., W.M. Smith, 13pp.; Doc. No. XIX (19), Communication from the Auditor of Public Accounts, Transmitting Statistical Tables. J.M. Bennett, 6 Jan 1864,16pp.; Doc. No. XX (20), Governor's Communication Transmitting Documents From Georgia, Joseph E. Brown, 6pp.; Doc. No. XXI (21), Resolution Against Extending the Provisions of the Conscription Act. Shelton C. Davis, 26 Jan. 1864, 3pp.; Doc. No. XXII (22), Report Relative to the Eligibility of Thos. E. Betts to a Seat in the House of Delegates, 1864, 3pp.; and Doc. No. XXIII (23), Report of the Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute, Francis H. Smith 18 Jan. 1864, 4pp. Unused patriotic cover, with McClellan's portrait in a red and blue star, with "Commander of the federal forces on the Potomac" below. Second used patriotic cover with half-length image of Maj. General McClellan. Used cover with "Via. Fortress Monroe & Flag of truce" lower left, with Richmond cancel of Jefferson Davis 10cent stamp (11c or 12c?) Sent to a Georgia address. ALS, 1p. Portland, Maine, 7 Dec. 1860. Signed by Theodore P[hinney] Greene (1809-1887), Light house inspector, 1st District. Instructions on how to report shipwrecks, to Mr. R.R. Lock, Keeper Portsmouth Harbor L.H. Born in Texas, Greene was raised by his uncle in Vermont after the death of his father. He as appointed midshipman from that state in 1826. He served in the Mediterranean in 1832, then in the Pacific Squadron, and was part of a circumnavigation of the world from 1834-1836. He held a number of positions until the Mexican-American War, during which he served on Congress in the Pacific and then spent nine months on land at Mazatlan. Greene had a number of positions after the war, including the Boston Navy Yard, then Light House inspector from 1857-1860, when he was appointed commander of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard near San Francisco, CA. He came back to the East Gulf Squadron in the Civil War, later serving in the West Gulf Squadron. After the war he continued in service, on ordnance duty in Portsmouth, NH, then back to the Pacific Squadron, then to the Naval Academy. He was retired in 1872 with the rank of Rear Admiral. Two letters from Charles Hubbard Co. I, 27th Maine. Both to his friend, Henry. Both on patriotic notepaper, one with McClellan and Lincoln reviewing the troops, the other with "The Goddess of Liberty." The first is dated 9 Dec. 1862, just outside Washington, DC. Hubbard describes building winter quarters, slogging through mud and snow to get the materials. Later he tells his friend that they are camped on

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