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Auktion: Auction 04.12.1997
wurde versteigert am: 4. Dezember 1997
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Château Mouton-Rothschild

Schätzpreis: 15.000 £ - 20.000 £
ca. 24.927 $ - 33.236 $
Zuschlagspreis:  20.350 £
ca. 33.817 $
Los-Nr. 438, Aufrufe: 27

A MOUTON COLLECTION 1945 TO 1994, WITH A BOTTLE OF THE RARE CARLU 1918 Recently removed from an excellent private cellar in Berkshire and now at Christie's Château Mouton-Rothschild Pauillac, 1er cru classé. Château-bottled Unless othewise stated labels are good and levels are into neck 1918 (Jean Carlu). Very good label with very small tear. Excellent level top-shoulder 1945 (Année de Victoire). Good, very slightly bin-soiled label. Level base of neck, No. 03,105 1946 (Jean Hugo). Ex-Nicolas. Level top-shoulder. No.09,737 1947 (Jean Cocteau). Level upper-shoulder. No. 15,788 1948 (Marie Laurencin). Slightly bin-soiled label. Level upper-shoulder. No. 34,185 1949 (Diginimont). Level low-shoulder. No. 14,034 1950 (Arnulf). Good label with a few small tears. Level base of neck. No. 035,520 1951 (Marcel Vertès). Slightly damaged capsule. Level top-shoulder. No. 041,613 1952 (Léonor Fini). Damaged and corroded capsule. Good but bin-soiled label. Level mid-shoulder. No. 043,406 1953 (Centenary year). Level upper-shoulder 1954 (Jean Carzou). Level top-shoulder 1955 (Georges Braques). Slightly corroded capsule. Good, slightly stained label. Level top-shoulder 1956 (Pavel Tchelitchew). Good label. Level mid/low-shoulder. No. 026,177 1957 (André Masson). Good label, slightly scuffed. Level base of neck. No. 036,955 1958 Dali). Level base of neck. No. 53,376 1959 (Richard Lippold). Good, slightly worn label. Level base of neck. No. 018,843 1960 (Jacques Villon). Level base of neck. No. 161,538 1961 (Georges Mathieu). Ex-Nicolas. Level top-shoulder. No. 062,157 1962 (Matta). Level top-shoulder. No. 036,972 1963 (Bernard Dufour). Corroded capsule. Level mid-shoulder. No. 084,355 1964 (Henry Moore). Level top-shoulder. No. 109,306 1965 Dorothea Tanning). Very slightly corroded capsule. Very good label, slightly worn. Level upper-shoulder. No. 064,151 1966 (Pierre Alechinsky). Level upper-shoulder. No. 086,667 1967 (César). Very slightly bin-soiled label. Level top-shoulder. No. 156,182 1968 (de Bena). Good, slightly worn label. Level top-shoulder. No. 60,121 1969 (Juan Miré). Level upper-shoulder. No. 55,727 1970 (Marc Chagall). Level top-shoulder. No. 234,604 1971 (Vassili Kandinsky). Good slightly worn capsule. Good, slightly bin-soiled label. No. 120,616 1972 (Serge Poliakoff). Level top-shoulder. No. 114,417 1973 (Pablo Picasso). Level base of neck 1974 (Robert Motherwell) 1975 (Andy Warhol). Level top-shoulder 1976 (Pierre Soulages). Good, slightly creased label. Level base of neck 1977 (Tribute to her Majesty the Queen Mother). Very slightly bin-soiled label. Level top-shoulder 1978 (Jean-Pierre Riopelle) Two designs One with good capsule and label and upper-shoulder level. One with slight signs of seepage, good label and level into neck 1979 (Hisao Domoto). Slightly bin-soiled label 1980 (Hans Hartung) 1981 (Arman) 1982 (John Huston) 1983 (Saul Steinberg) 1984 (Agam) 1985 (Paul Devlaux). U.S. slip label 1986 (Bernard Séjourné) 1987 (Hans Erni). U.S. slip label 1988 (Keith Haring) 1989 (George Baselitz) 1990 (Francis Bacon) 1991 (Setsuko) 1992 (Per Kirkeby) 1993 (Balthus) (Two designs) One of the designs for the 1993 vintage, caused controversy when it was outlawed in the United States. The version with the reclining female form was subsequently removed from the American market 1994 (Karel Appel) Above 53 bottles per lot

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Christie's
Titel: Auction 04.12.1997
Auktionsdatum: 04.12.1997
Adresse: Christie's
London, King Street