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Charles Conrad (American, 1930-1999) or Gordon Cooper (American, 1927-2004) Charles Conrad (American, 1930-1999) or Gordon Cooper (American, 1927-2004)

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Charles Conrad (American, 1930-1999) or Gordon Cooper (American, 1927-2004) Four photographic studies of the Earth from space seen during different orbits, Gemini 5, August 1965. Numbered 'NASA S-65-45737,' 'NASA S-65-45747,' 'NASA S-65-45579,' and 'NASA S-65-45585' (NASA MSC), respectively, in red on the recto u.l. margin. Vintage chromogenic prints on fiber-based Kodak paper with 'A Kodak Paper' watermark on the verso, image sizes to 7 3/8 x 8 in. (18.5 x 20.3 cm), unmatted. Condition: Good. N.B. Straits of Gibraltar, orbit 14; Southern California centered on the Salton Sea, orbit 17; Namibia centered on Walvis Bay, orbit 92; Baja California, orbit 93. On Gemini 5, flight duration was longer and astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad circled the world 120 times in 190 hours and 55 minutes, returning with dramatic color photographs of the surface of the Earth. The astronauts reported a new awareness of the fragility of the planet and its atmosphere. They made photographs of prominent features for research use in geology, geophysics, geography, and oceanography, providing inspiration for the growing environmental movement ( 'Everybody is interested in the Earth we live on. The astronauts' photography just brought it home visually. Nobody could ever draw or paint it. I think their missions will live forever through photography,' believed Les Gaver, former photography director, Public Affairs, NASA (Schick and Van Haaften, p. 13).

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