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Auktion: Jewels and Jadeite
wurde versteigert am: 28. Mai 2018
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Cartier Follow A Natural Seed Pearl and Diamond Sautoir Necklace, Cartier Paris, Circa 1910 天然海水珍珠配鑽石長鏈, 巴黎卡地亞, 約1910年
Necklace and tassel of pendant set with numerous natural pearl beads, measuring approximately 3.31 to 3.69mm Openwork plaques millegrain-set with numerous circular-cut diamonds, tassels suspending marquise-shaped and circular-cut diamonds, totalling approximately 8.00 carats Embellished by seed pearls Platinum Pendant detachable Pendant signed Cartier Paris Length approximately 830mm (Eighty-six out of numerous Pearls) GIA report, numbered 6193058551, dated 29 January 2018, natural saltwater pearls, no indications of treatment. 附 美國GIA 證書 With fitted box Catalogue Essay Founded in Paris in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, The House of Cartier has a long and distinguished history of serving the glittering royal houses of Europe in the West to the opulent dynasties of Siam, Nepal and India in the East and never the least, the celebrities around the world. Cartier’s creations have always remained true to its original beliefs --- as an innovator in taste and fashion. As early as 1904, Cartier began producing abstract jewelry with geometric styling. This established the House as a pioneer of the modern style, not only within the field of fine jewelry, but also in the scope of art history. Jewelry is a form of art that you wear as a message, a declaration, an offering, or a talisman. The present long chain of natural seed pearl bead, linked by platinum wire with diamond millegrain setting, reflects the delicate craftsmanship from the early 1900s of the House. The fashion of creating and wearing sautoirs started in 1910s, when chokers were no longer in vogue. The triumphal progress began in late 1920s when this form of jewelry particularly well suited the new fashion. It complemented simple dresses of straight vertical line elegantly, and was to become the most approved form of neck ornament of that time. Cartier demonstrates how a beauty of a masterpiece lies with superb design and brilliant skills, even without large diamonds or gemstones; the House was able to create the most striking jewels with exquisite tiny stones that exude time-transcending style. This sautoir is an excellent example. For over a hundred of years, Cartier continues to create rare and imaginative pieces so beautiful and unique that they can only be associated with this esteemed French jeweler. Read More Catalogue Essay 著名國際珠寶品牌卡地亞於1847年由Louis-Francois Cartier所創立,自有歷史以來就為西方歐洲皇室貴族,以至東方暹羅、尼泊爾和印度等帝王製作獨一無二的華麗珠寶。世界各地的名流影星,不論是什麼地代,都被其作品的魅力所深深吸引。卡地亞的每件出品都忠於品牌最初始的理念,就是成為帶領時尚品味的先鋒。早於1904年卡地亞已經開始推出以抽象幾何為造型的珠寶,確立了鮮明的現代風格,大膽創新;其影響力不限於珠寶界,而是在整個藝術史上都佔有重要的席位。作為一件藝術品,珠寶可帶有某種訊息,也可以是視之為一種宣言,有時更可以是奉獻和守護的象徵。 此小珍珠長項鏈以極精細的鉑金串連,採用了1900年代流行的種子式鑲嵌方法,完美呈現卡地亞的精湛工藝。愛德華時代束在脖子上的短項鏈在1910年開始不再流行,取而代之的是長及腰線的項鏈。這種長項鏈在二十年代更是大行其道,十分受歡迎,因為當時女士們都會穿著過膝的連衣裙,跟長項鏈尤其匹配,這也成為了二十年代的經典穿搭風格。 卡地亞代表著永恆的、超越時空的優雅品味。憑藉別具匠心的設計和細緻的工藝,縱使沒有大顆的鑽石或寶石, 卡地亞都能製作出令人驚嘆的大師作品,此小珍珠長項鏈就是最佳的例子。時至今日,這個擁有逾一百年歷史的珠寶商依然秉持理念,推陳出新,為世人帶來只可能是來自卡地亞的頂尖珠寶藝術品。 Read More Maker Bio Cartier French Follow With the Constitution of 1848 came a new standard for luxury in France. Founded one year prior by Louis-Francois Cartier, the house of Cartier was one of the first to use platinum in jewelry making. This incredibly expensive material became the stepping-stone for Cartier to experiment in form, mechanisms and attitude. It helped men move from pocket watches to wristwatches, effectively making the watch much more functional and prominent in a man's overall wardrobe. Cartier did not only touch on functionality. Inspired by a commissioned painting by George Barbier featuring a black panther at the feet of an elegantly bejeweled woman, Cartier began incorporating wild animals in his designs—most notably, Cartier Panthère rings, bangle bracelets and watches. Yet it wasn't until the late 1960s that the house of Cartier debuted their iconic yellow and rose gold LOVE collection, which includes the famous bracelet that only a special screwdriver can open. View More Works

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Auktionshaus: Phillips
Titel: Jewels and Jadeite
Auktionsdatum: 28.05.2018
Adresse: Phillips
Hong Kong