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Binomial theorem

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Binomial theorem Isaac Newton, 1711 [NEWTON, Isaac (1643-1727).] Analysis per quantitatum series, fluxiones, ac differentias: cum enumeratione linearum tertii ordinis. London: Pearson, 1711. The Hill copy of Newton’s first independent treatise on the higher mathematics, containing the earliest printed account of his binomial theorem. Newton allowed fellow mathematician William Jones—famous for introducing the symbol for pi into mathematical notation—access to his manuscripts to publish the four works included here. The first of these, De analysi “was written in 1669 to protect [Newton’s] priority in the invention of calculus” (Norman). It also includes two treatises first published in the Opticks and the first printing of the Methodus differentialis, the basis for the calculus of finite differences. Norman 1590; Babson 207. Quarto (230 x 180mm). 2 folding charts, engraved vignettes and diagrams (some light spotting and toning). Modern marbled calf, attractively to style. Provenance: Kenneth E. Hill (bookplate).

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