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Auktion: Antiques & Collectables
wurde versteigert am: 30. Januar 2019
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Bag of vintage fabrics to include

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Bag of vintage fabrics to include: Chinese silk embroidered fabric panels including; two green ground embroidered panel with moths, bamboo, cranes, flower and bird decoration (originally one panel cut in half), gold ground panel with floral, foliate and bird decoration (poor condition), green embossed fabric with embroidery that was originally the bottom of a Chinese robe with floral, dog of fo/dragon, vase embroidery to one panel and smaller embroidered butterflies and flowers. Together with two vintage flags including; the Union Jack and American flag and an embroidered stripy applique. (7) (B.P. 24% incl. VAT)

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Auktionshaus: Peter Francis Towyside Salerooms
Titel: Antiques & Collectables
Auktionsdatum: 30.01.2019
Adresse: Peter Francis Towyside Salerooms
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