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Auktion: Music, Continental and Russian Books and Manuscripts
wurde versteigert am: 1. Dezember 2010
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Bach, Johann Sebastian.

Schätzpreis: 6.000 £ - 8.000 £
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ca. 14.613 $
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Bach, Johann Sebastian. GROSSE PASSIONSMUSIK NACH DEM EVANGELIUM MATTHAEI...PARTITUR [FULL SCORE], BERLIN: IN DER SCHLESINGER'SCHEN BUCH- UND MUSIKHANDLUNG, 1830 first edition of the "St. Matthew Passion", 324 pages, folio (c.34.2 x 25.4cm), printed 4-page subscribers' list, libretto by Picander, engraved title and music, plate number 1570, publisher's and booksellers' stamps to title ("T. Boosey & C.o", one of the original subscribers), contemporary cloth boards, original label to spine ("Bach Passionsmusik"), some foxing, joints weak, covers and spine worn with some loss

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Auktionshaus: Sotheby's
Titel: Music, Continental and Russian Books and Manuscripts
Auktionsdatum: 01.12.2010
Adresse: Sotheby's