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Auktion: Musical Manuscripts
wurde versteigert am: 22. Mai 2018
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Bach, Johann Sebastian

Schätzpreis: 10.000 £ - 15.000 £
ca. 13.439 $ - 20.159 $
Zuschlagspreis:  12.500 £
ca. 16.799 $
Los-Nr. 47, Aufrufe: 32

Bach, Johann Sebastian THE CORRECTED PROOF OF THE EIGHT ENGRAVED CHORAL PARTS FOR THE "ST MATTHEW PASSION" BWV 244, [BERLIN: SCHLESINGER, C.1831] FIRST EDITION, 8 volumes, 8vo ( c. 27.5 x 18.5cm), engraved throughout, plate no.1687, for two four-part choruses (78 numbers), WITH EDITORIAL ALTERATIONS AND CORRECTIONS IN RED CRAYON THROUGHOUT , no title pages, unpressed & uncut,original stitching, in a nineteenth-century card slipcase, the volumes titled above the music: "Erster Theil Canto Coro I o [...Alto ...Tenor ...Basso]", each 28 pages, and: "Soprano Coro II o [Alto... Tenor... Basso...]", 26, 27, 27 & 27 pages, some light foxing, small tear to final leaf of Basso Coro II o

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Auktionshaus: Sotheby's
Titel: Musical Manuscripts
Auktionsdatum: 22.05.2018
Adresse: Sotheby's