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Auktion: Discovery Auction
wurde versteigert am: 12. März 2014
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Assorted Group of Sterling and Coin Silver FlatwareAssorted Group of Sterling and Coin Silver Flatware

Schätzpreis: 500 $ - 700 $
Zuschlagspreis:  677 $
Los-Nr. 58, Aufrufe: 93

Assorted Group of Sterling and Coin Silver Flatware, including a long-handled ONC spoon, a Georgian stuffing spoon, a Newell Harding tablespoon, a pair of Theophilus Bradbury spoons, a bottle opener and grape shears, a tea strainer, a Tiffany & Co. "Reproduction Original Edinborough" sauce ladle, an Alvin baby food pusher, a set of four Victorian apostle spoons with gold-washed bowls and marks for London, 1879, George William Adams maker, and other items, approx. 33.3 troy oz. weighable silver.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Skinner
Titel: Discovery Auction
Auktionsdatum: 12.03.2014
Adresse: Skinner
Park Plaza 63
02116 Boston, MA
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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