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Auktion: Auction 58 - Rare and Important Items
wurde versteigert am: 17. Oktober 2017
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arge Micrographic Print – Levi van Gelder – New York, 1865

Aufrufpreis: 10.000 $ - 12.000 $
Zuschlagspreis:  n. a.
Los-Nr. 99, Aufrufe: 30

Large micrographic print made by Levi van Gelder; hand-colored. [New York, ca. 1865]. English and some Hebrew. Impressive and detailed print incorporating dozens of medallions with Biblical illustrations, texts from the Bible and from the prayers for the Days of Awe, written in fine micrographic writing (English and Hebrew), and a number of attached pieces of paper, printed in red and gold (collage). The scenes in the print include Jonah hurled into the sea, the vision of Zechariah, Isaac blessing Jacob, Jacob's dream, Moses with the Tablets of the Law, the Israelites collecting manna, Elijah's ascent to heaven, and more. Due to the artist's affiliation with the Freemason movement, many of his works incorporate elements related to the movement. This print incorporates, in one of the upper medallions, alongside the pillars of Jachin and Boaz, the symbol of the Freemasons (the square and compasses), the "Eye of Providence", and other Masonic symbols. Levi David van Gelder (1816-1878) was born in Amsterdam and worked there as a printer. Among the graphic works he created in Amsterdam we know of at least four "Mizrachs", made in Van Gelder's unique style - a meticulous micrographic work incorporating texts and illustrations alongside large text-boxes (sometimes on attached pieces of paper). In the early 1860s (ca. 1860-1864) Van Gelder immigrated with his family to the U.S., where he created the present print. In this print and in other works he created in the U.S., he incorporated English texts (unlike the works he created in Amsterdam, which he printed in Dutch, at times with some Hebrew. See next item). Approx. 118X90 cm. Fair-good condition. Tears in several places (some professionally repaired, with minor damages to text and illustrations). Stains. The margins are mounted on acid-free paper and glues to a linen sheet. Framed.

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Titel: Auction 58 - Rare and Important Items
Auktionsdatum: 17.10.2017
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