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Archive of Rabbi Asher Michael (Arthur) Cohn, Rabbi of Basel – Halachic and Familial Correspondence with Rabbis and Acquaintances – Halachic Responsa Handwritten and Signed by Rabbi David Tzvi Hoffmann, Rector of the Rabbinical Seminary in Berlin – B...

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The archive of R. Asher Michael (Arthur) Cohn, Rabbi of Basel. Hundreds of letters and various paper items. [Europe, turn of the 20th century]. The archive includes: · Close to 300 letters, most on postcards, sent to Rabbi Cohn from all over Europe. Letters about various matters, halachic responsa, and business and familial correspondence. Most of the letters are in German, a few are in Hebrew or Yiddish (occasionally a combination of two languages). Amongst the letters: 15 letters handwritten and signed by R. David Tzvi Hoffmann, rector of the Rabbinical Seminary, some in Hebrew (two were published in Responsa Melamed LeHo'il) and some in German; 4 letters from R. Gershon Posen, dayan in Frankfurt, 2 in Hebrew (on the topic of ritual immersion, to the best of our knowledge unpublished) and 2 in German; 10 printed letters relating to Heter Me'a Rabbanim; a letter in German concerning Mikvaot, with diagrams; a letter (in Hebrew, concerning meat from Krakow which Rabbi Cohn disqualified) handwritten and signed by Rabbi Cohn himself. The letter did not reach its destination and was returned to him. (Many postcards, some in color, with photographs of Europeans town from 100 years ago). · A volume with over 160 congratulation letters and telegrams sent to Rabbi Cohn on the occasion of his 25th anniversary in the rabbinate of Basel, on the eve of Shavuot 1910. The letters were received from rabbis, friends, family and various organizations, from all over Europe and Eretz Israel. Amongst the writers: R. David Tzvi Hoffmann (p. 68, lengthy handwritten and signed letter), the board of Directors of the Pressburg Yeshiva (p. 72), the office of the Zionist Center (p. 73, including a postal stamp with Herzl's portrait). Most letters are in German, some are in Hebrew (or a combination of both languages). The letters were bound in a special volume, with gilt embossing on the front cover. The volume begins with a magnificent congratulations letter in colored calligraphic script, created by "the elderly R. Yehoshua Krohn descendant of the Shach… here in the community of Borszczów" (Galicia, today Ukraine). The top of the page bears large text with wishes in circular form; the name of Rabbi Cohn with titles of honor fills the center of the circle, and on the side, the words "Congratulations for the 25th year". The bottom of the page contains flowery congratulation wishes, in vocalized stam-like script. A lengthy letter in Hebrew appears on the verso of the leaf, handwritten, signed and stamped by R. Krohn, describing his trials and tribulations, and requesting a donation as the fee for this congratulations letter. · A printed thank-you card from Rabbi Cohn, which was apparently sent to all his well-wishers; and other paper items. Rabbi Dr. Asher Michael (Arthur) Cohn (1862-1926) was a prominent leader of Swiss Jewry and a foremost disciple of R. Azriel Hildesheimer. At the age of 24, he was ordained and appointed rabbi of Basel, where he served for 40 years until his passing. He exchanged halachic correspondence with the leading Torah scholars of his generation, such as R. Yitzchak Elchanan Spector and R. Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook. In 1897, he invited Herzl to hold the First Zionist Congress in his town, after rabbis from various sects (Orthodox and Reform) opposed it taking place in Munich (as was originally planned). Rabbi Cohn even took active part in the congress and delivered one of the addresses. Rabbi Cohn was an initiator of Agudath Yisrael and one of the first German rabbis to summon Orthodox Jewry to unite under it. He participated in the founding conference of Agudath Yisrael in Katowice and was the first speaker in the opening session. Approx. 285 letters (most on postcards) + a volume of approx. 164 congratulation letters and telegrams, and several additional paper items. Size and condition vary, overall good condition.

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