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Auktion: Space Exploration
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LUNAR PHOTOGRAPHY INDEX MAP, SIGNED BY MEMBERS FROM EACH LUNAR MISSIONAPOLLO MISSION 15 LUNAR PHOTOGRAPHY INDEX MAP SHEET 8 OF 10 HASSELBLAD PHOTOGRAPHS. Lithograph lunar map based on Apollo 15 photographic data. Prepared Under the Direction of the Department of Defense by the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center, United States Air Force for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Houston, March 1972. 57 1/4 by 19 1/8 inches. A few tack holes to left margin, old folds. SIGNED and INSCRIBED by 10 astronauts, representing each Apollo lunar mission, 11-17. INSCRIPTIONS, in mission order, are as follows: BUZZ ALDRIN: "APOLLO XI" (over the Sea of Tranquility, with Aldrin having drawn a circle around the Apollo 11 landing site); ALAN BEAN: "PETE & I LANDED | AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE | ALAN BEAN | APOLLO 12"; RICHARD GORDON: "APOLLO XII"; FRED HAISE: "IT WAS EXPLORED | ON APOLLO 14! | FRED HAISE | APOLLO 13" (all 3 near the Fra Mauro Highlands); JAMES LOVELL: "FRED AND I HAD PLANNED TO | LAND HERE — BEFORE THE EXPLOSION! | JAMES LOVELL | APOLLO 13" (with an arrow pointing to the Fra Mauro Highlands); EDGAR MITCHELL: "APOLLO 14 LMP" (near the Fra Mauro Highlands); DAVE SCOTT: "APOLLO 15 CDR." (near the Sea of Serenity); AL WORDEN: "DAVE AND JIM | LANDED HERE. | AL WORDEN | APOLLO 15 CMP" (over the Sea of Serenity): AL WORDEN (a second time): "A SMALL SAMPLE OF PHOTOGRAPHIC | WORK DONE ON APOLLO 15 | AL WORDEN | APOLLO 15 CMP" (near the map key); CHARLIE DUKE: "APOLLO 16" (over the Descartes Highlands, with Duke having drawn an "X" over the Apollo 16 landing site); and GENE CERNAN: "APOLLO XVII" (over the Taurus–Littrow Valley). The objectives for the Apollo 15 mission included: "Emplace and activate surface experiments. Evaluate the capability of the Apollo equipment to provide extended lunar surface stay time, increased extravehicular operations, and surface mobility. [and] Conduct inflight experiments and photographic tasks from lunar orbit." Worden was able to take many photographs through the command module's windows. In fact, because Endeavour was in a more inclined orbit than previous missions, Worden could see lunar features that were previously unknown, and he supplemented his photos with thorough descriptions. His written observations in conjunction with the images he was able to capture directly informed the decision to send Apollo 17 to Taurus-Littrow to search for signs of volcanic activity.

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