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Auktion: The Space History Sale including Aviation
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HIS RESPONSIBILITIES DURING SATURN V LAUNCH. Apollo 11 Launch Operations Checklist, page 2-5 / 2-6, a single sheet printed recto and verso. NASA/MSC, April 15, 1969, revised June 27, 1969. 8 x 5½ inches. Annotated in ink by Neil Armstrong. With a Typed Letter Signed by BUZZ ALDRIN. BUZZ ALDRIN'S provenance letter reads in part: "Accompanying this letter is a page numbered 2-5 and 2-6 from the CSM 107 (Apollo 11) Launch Operations Checklist, SKB32100080-306. The pages are part of the complete manual that was used in the Command Module simulator ... This section in particular was extensively used by Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins who sat in the left and center seats during the Saturn V launch phase. Neil had the command responsibility to initiate an abort if the launch profile deviated from the planned events outlined in this checklist ... The simulator was an excellent learning device and this checklist was an important tool to insure our correct performance. Both sides of this checklist page list boost events starting at T + 6 minutes and 15 seconds into powered flight through the loss of communications at the Bermuda tracking station. Major events include cut-off of the inboard S-II engine (IECO), shut down of the outboard S-II engines (OECO), Staging, SIVB ignition, and orbit insertion ... Neil Armstrong made the two time corrections on page 2-5." INSCRIBED and SIGNED: "Used in training for Apollo XI, BUZZ ALDRIN" on page 2-5.

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