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Auktion: The Colt Cavier Collection
wurde versteigert am: 7. Juni 2018
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An upright Lyraflügel by Schleip

Schätzpreis: 8.000 £ - 12.000 £
ca. 10.734 $ - 16.101 $
Zuschlagspreis:  8.000 £
ca. 10.734 $
Los-Nr. 104, Aufrufe: 25

An upright Lyraflügel by Schleip, Berlin, circa 1828 The mahogany veneered case, the silk-backed section above the keyboard in the form of a lyre with seven gilded 'strings' running vertically at the centre. The case surmounted by a pair of ormolu mythical beasts flanking an ormolu spray of fruit and foliage. Raised on four scrolling legs with lion's paw feet to the front. The mahogany nameboard inlaid with geometric stringing bearing an inset plaque inscribed: J. C. Schleip in Berlin. The six and a half octave keyboard DD-g4 with chamfered ivory naturals and ebony accidentals. Single bridge, escapement action, with three knee levers operating keyboard shift, bassoon and dampers. Width 120cm, depth 59cm, case height 209cm. Literature: The Colt Clavier Collection Golden Jubilee 1944-1981, p. 29, (99) U422SG. The Colt Clavier Collection Silver Jubilee 1944-1969, p. 22 U422SG. C. F. Colt with Anthony Miall, The Early Piano, p. 94. Provenance: According to Colt reputed to have come from Caernarvon castle.
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Auktionshaus: The Canterbury Auction Galleries
Titel: The Colt Cavier Collection
Auktionsdatum: 07.06.2018
Adresse: The Canterbury Auction Galleries
Station Road West 40
CT2 8AN Canterbury, Kent
Großbritannien und Nordirland
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