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Auktion: Old Master Paintings
wurde versteigert am: 23. Oktober 2019
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An Ottoman voided velvet and metal-thread panel

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An Ottoman voided velvet and metal-thread panel Turkey, 17th Century of rectangular form, the red silk pile voided with a repeat design of ogival medallions containing serrated palmettes overlaid with sprays of tulips, carnations and hyacinths, surrounded by flowerheads, the trellis overlaid with alternating knot and flowerhead motifs, framed 159 x 61 cm. Fußnoten Provenance The collection of Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan. Inherited directly from her mother, Princess Dina Bint Abdul Hamid, former Queen of Jordan and Sharifa of Mecca. The serrated palmette was a popular motif on Ottoman velvets. It was either free-floating, or part of a trellis such as on this panel. For a similar velvet panel, see Nurhan Atasoy, et al, Ipek. The Crescent and the Rose: Imperial Ottoman silks and Velvets, London, 2001, fig. 336.

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Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: Old Master Paintings
Auktionsdatum: 23.10.2019
Adresse: Bonhams London
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