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Auktion: Arms and Militaria
wurde versteigert am: 11. April 2006
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An Important collection of contemporary papers relating to the Dawson family

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Comprising: Military papers relating to Henry Dawson and Charles Dawson, both officer's in the 52nd regiment, being extracts of letters to their Father, Pudsey Dawson, covering the period of 1810 to 1812 with full accounts of the various battles at which they were present. Maps: Five various hand drawn maps relating to the battle of Waterloo, Naval papers: Relating to William Dawson giving details of his career including a description of the capture of the French frigate La Piedmontaise by the St. Fiorenzo when Lt. Dawson took command of the latter on the death of his captain, together with a quantity of copies of the London Gazette giving details of the various actions mentioned in the papers. Some papers in fragile condition, inspection recommended, further details available on request. (a lot)

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Titel: Arms and Militaria
Auktionsdatum: 11.04.2006
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