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Auktion: Old Master Paintings
wurde versteigert am: 23. Oktober 2019
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An Ilkhanid Lajvardina moulded calligraphic pottery tile

Schätzpreis: 5.000 £ - 7.000 £
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An Ilkhanid Lajvardina moulded calligraphic pottery tile Persia, 13th/ 14th Century of rectangular form, decorated in red, black and gold leaf on a turquoise ground, with moulded inscription on a ground of scrolling vegetal interlace, the top edge with a band containing a line of cable motif, old collection labels to reverse in French, one relating to the inscriptions and dated 1958 36.4 x 17 cm. Fußnoten Provenance Private Swiss collection. Inscriptions: Qur'an, chapter LXVII (al-Mulk), end of verse 12 and beginning of verse 13.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: Old Master Paintings
Auktionsdatum: 23.10.2019
Adresse: Bonhams London
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