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Schätzpreis: 6.000.000 HK$ - 8.000.000 HK$
ca. 773.742 $ - 1.031.656 $
Zuschlagspreis:  14.887.500 HK$
ca. 1.919.847 $
Los-Nr. 1325, Aufrufe: 9

AN EXTREMELY RARE 'FAMILLE-ROSE' BEIJING ENAMEL TROMPE L'OEIL JAR AND COVER MARK AND PERIOD OF QIANLONG of elegant baluster form with rounded shoulders rising to a short neck, brilliantly enamelled around the upper body with a large ribbon-tied sash elaborately decorated with dragon-fly roundels, peach sprays and bats, the sash in shaded tones of raspberry-red and bright blue subtly highlighting the folds and softly curling to reveal the lime-green on the underside decorated with finely pencilled scroll roundels, the shoulders with four lobed panels partially obscured by the sash and separated by a rose sprig, each enclosing a leafy lotus spray on a turquoise-ground, all reserved on a bright yellow-ground decorated with camellia and rose blooms on meandering leafy stems, between lotus lappets enclosing ruyi sprays at the mouth and foot, the rim gilt, the interior turquoise, the matching cover similarly decorated with floral scrolls, a border of ruyi heads, and green and pink bands circling the knop, the base white inscribed with the four-character mark in blue-enamel within a double-circle Quantity: 2 35.5cm., 13 7/8 in.

Informationen zur Auktion
Auktionshaus: Sotheby's
Titel: Yuan Ming Yuan The Garden of Absolute Clarity and Imperial Peking, The Last Days
Auktionsdatum: 09.10.2007
Adresse: Sotheby's
Hong Kong