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AN EXTREMELY RARE AND IMPORTANT IMPERIAL COURT PAINTING OF THE BANNERMAN TANIBU ATTRIBUTED TO AI QIMENG (IGNAZ SICHELBART) (1708-1780) AND JIN TINGBIAO (FL. 1757-1767) QING DYNASTY, QIANLONG PERIOD, DATED TO THE GENGCHEN YEAR (CORRESPONDING TO 1760) THIS IS A PREMIUM LOT. CLIENTS WHO WISH TO BID ON PREMIUM LOTS ARE REQUESTED TO COMPLETE THE PREMIUM LOT PRE-REGISTRATION 3 WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO THE SALE. hanging scroll, ink and colour on silk, framed portraying the Second Ranked officer of the Imperial Guard, the youthful figure full of vigor and energy with an angular ruddy face and a light mustache, his head covered with a winter fur-lined hat with silk floss on top and set with a blue bead denoting his rank and a single-eye peacock feather, dressed in a fine mesh chain mail worn over a blue jacket, his blue trousers covered with elaborate pale lavender floral brocade riding chaps, over a pair of black silk riding boots with white and green soles, his waist tied with a finely painted blue knotted belt suspending the buffalo horn bow with a taut white bow-string and ceremonial sword covered with a shagreen sheath around his waist, his right hand with a white jade thumb ring grasping a bundle of arrows held in the shagreen-trimmed quiver further hanging from his waist, his left arm bent with his thumb and index finger tugging at the string on his collar, eulogized with several lines of text written at the top, on the right side in Chinese in kaishu (standard script) and in Manchu on the left, signed chen Liu Tongxun, chen Liu Lun and chen Yu Minzhong, dated Qianlong geng chen, 1760, spring, and with one seal of the Qianlong Emperor, Qian Long Yu Lan Zhi Bao 186 by 95.3cm., 73 1/4 by 37 ½ in.

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Auktionshaus: Sotheby's
Titel: Yuan Ming Yuan The Garden of Absolute Clarity and Imperial Peking, The Last Days
Auktionsdatum: 09.10.2007
Adresse: Sotheby's
Hong Kong