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An extraordinary pair of large exquisitely carved ivory vases

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Late Qing dynasty Each of square section and carved from many conjoint pieces of ivory, the large baluster-shaped vase with gently tapering sides and four vertical panels, exquisitely carved in high-relief with extensive scenes of deities and figures travelling or engaging in leisurely pursuits: one vase with a male deity riding on a twin-wheeled carriage pulled by a dragon with his entourage, a female deity walking amongst clouds with attendants demounting her palanquin carriage pulled by three dragons, a male deity riding on a Buddhist lion holding a lotus spring with his entourage, a group of deities bringing forth magical gifts, the gourd spewing-forth a cloud of smoke with three bats; the other vase with the Queen Mother of the West, Xiwangmu, arriving and greeted warmly at her abode in the Kunlun Mountains riding on a phoenix with attendants carrying a peach box with the fruits of longevity, a scene of three male deities as guests indulging in provisions well-served by female attendants, an old male deity travelling on a dragon with his band of followers, three male deities warmly greeted at the reception by a group of female attendants bearing baskets of flowers, the towering vase standing firm on four sturdy feet, rising to a stepped shoulder and a straight neck, flaring to a straight everted lip, the neck flanked by a pair of heavenly apsaras holding baskets of flowers and a pair of taotie handles suspending loose rings, the cartouches framed by intricately carved auspicious objects bajixiang, all on an archaistic geometric ground with stylised lotus scrolls. 42.5cm high. (2).

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