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Auktion: The Gentlemans Library sale
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An extraordinary group of 'Relics' taken by Sydney B. Arnold during the Paris Commune of 1871

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The defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War resulted in Paris itself being under siege in September 1870. In January 1871 the Prussians were allowed a brief 'ceremonial' occupation in return for an armistice. The National Guard, which comprised of a citizens' militia, prepared to defend Paris, but in the end the ceremonial occupation took place without incident. However, political tension continued to rise and by March 1871 the government made attempts to retrieve cannons held by the military, but army units joined the rebellion and by March 26th elections for a Commune had been made. Throughout April and May government forces pushed back the National Guard and gradual reoccupation of Paris began. Between 24th and 26th May, the Commune executed fifty hostages, and up to 20,000 members of the Commune and National Guard were executed, fighting finally finished on 28th May. It was against this backdrop that an Englishman in Paris, Sydney B. Arnold, set about collecting souvenirs from the streets, his handwritten inventory, titled 'Relics From Paris 1871', list 97 items, most of which appear to be present in the 'oak box' referred to on the envelope containing the list. Most appear to be present and include a diverse selection: 1 Average specimen of bread - end of seige 2 Brassard worn by the party of order afer the engtry of the Versaillaise troops 8 Fragment of mirror from the Palace of Prince Napoleon 10 Two keys found the the possession of A. L. Cuprie committed for theft - from Palais de Justice 21 Brass boss from the Church of Madelaine 39-72 Mainly refer to spent cartridges, bullets, balls and shell parts recovered from various locations 84 Fragement of Arc De Triomphe 97 Plaster fragements from Theatre Lyrique. Thereafter a number of printed documents are listed, some of which are present. A pine box and contents, another pine document box and a gorup of loose printed documents. (qty)

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