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An exceptional collection of flown covers of the world,

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An exceptional collection of flown covers of the world, housed in a file box and comprising mainly, but not exclusively, Graf Zeppelin Flights from many different countries, including: Austria covers with airmail frankings, several different Graf Zeppelin flights; Belgium 1932 Second South America Flight; Germany with many Graf Zeppelin flights including 1930 First South America Flight with the 2m. and 4m., 1931 Polar Flight 1m. (2), 2m. and 4m. on separate covers or cards, 1934 Chicago Flight 4m. on cover; Great Britain with several Graf Zeppelin flights including 1933 Fourth South America Flight; Greece 1933 Graf Zeppelin set of 3 on a flown cover; Lichtenstein with several Graf Zeppelin flights including 1931 Eighth South America Flight; Morocco Agencies 1933 Fifth and Seventh South America Flights; Newfoundland 1933 Balbo flight cover with the $4.50 on 75c. and flight cachet; Russia 1931 Graf Zeppelin imperforate and perforated sets of 4 on covers or cards; Saar 1933 'Bremen' catapult cover; Switzerland 1929 Graf Zeppelin Silesia flight; United States with 1932 May 13 First Trans-Atlantic Flight by an Aviatrix flight, cover with United States/Great Britain franking, special cachet numbered '4/50' and signed by Amelia Earhart, 1933 Graf Zeppelin Europe Pan-America flight cover with the $1.30 Graf Zeppelin stamp; condition is general fine or better.

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Auktionshaus: Sotheby's
Titel: The Great Britain Philatelic Collections of Lady Mairi Bury, FRPSL
Auktionsdatum: 24.11.2010 - 26.11.2010
Adresse: Sotheby's