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Auktion: The Robert S. Huthart Collection of Iwami Netsuke
wurde versteigert am: 15. Mai 2019
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An ebony netsuke of a tortoise

Schätzpreis: 3.000 £ - 3.500 £
ca. 3.874 $ - 4.520 $
Zuschlagspreis:  4.812 £
ca. 6.214 $
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By Seiyodo Tomiharu (1733-1810), Iwami Province, dated 1793 Facing ahead, its head emerging from within its shell, its legs drawn in for compactness, the carapace embellished with ukibori pimples and the eyes inlaid in horn, signed Seki-shu Enokawa Seiyodo Tomiharu kyonen rokujuissai kore o chokoku toki ni Kansei mizunoto-ushi natsu rokugatsu nari (carved by the Eno River in Iwami by old man Seiyodo Tomiharu at the age of sixty-one in the sixth month during the summer of the mizunoto-ushi year of Kansei [1793]). 5.9cm (2 3/8in).

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Auktionshaus: Bonhams London
Titel: The Robert S. Huthart Collection of Iwami Netsuke
Auktionsdatum: 15.05.2019
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